Claudio D'AMATO

Claudio D'Amato, Ph.D. (2017)

I am an instructor in the philosophy department at Virginia Tech. I have recently finished my doctoral degree in Ethical and Political Thought in the ASPECT program at VT.

My research focuses on global ethics and the capability approach. My dissertation, Human Capabilities and Collectivist Justice, offers a morally particularist and politically communitarian version of Amartya Sen’s capability approach to justice.

I have taught courses in 
philosophy and political science at Virginia Tech since 2011, primarily 200- and 300- level classes in global ethics and political theory. I am also a Fellow in Virginia Tech's PPE interdisciplinary program.

I have a Master’s degree in philosophy from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and writing from Wartburg College, Iowa.

(765) 250-6292       ASPECT: 202 Major Williams Hall (0192), Virginia Tech

@ Virginia tech.  I like philosoph...ish