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Philosophy of Sport


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Relevant real-world topics, flexible homework, lots of movies & social media. Open to all majors and years. Come have fun!

PHIL 1984B: Special Study: Philosophy of Sport

MWF 12:25-1:15 p.m., McBryde (classroom TBA)

Pathways Concept 2: Critical Thinking in the Humanities

Instructor: Dr. Claudio D'Amato, Philosophy Dept.

Tentative syllabus: DOWNLOAD HERE


Does nature or nurture determine whether you can become a champion?


How do sport and justice relate? Can influential athletes lead social change?


Should college athletes be paid as professionals when they compete for a school program?


Are transgender and intersex athletes being treated fairly? Should they compete in the
same categories as cisgender athletes?

Do athletes deserve social recognition above other professionals?

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